ASRock announces 600 Series motherboards support for 13th Gen Intel Processors

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June 29, 2022 – The leading global motherboard, graphics card, and small form factor PC manufacturer, ASRock has announced BIOS updates for its Intel® 600 series motherboards to support the soon-released Intel® desktop processors.

ASRock has been completely dedicated to EZ update/setting. As the first generation of LGA1700 socket motherboards, most of ASRock Intel® 600 series motherboards are equipped with BIOS flashback button that allow users to update BIOS with USB Flash Drive easily. Furthermore, ASRock add Auto Driver Installer(ADI) to the newest BIOS of all Intel® 600 series motherboards. ADI ensures the ability of Ethernet connection and provides a convenient way to install all drivers needed without any annoying application lifted in your OS. That is to say, no need to worry about not having the CD ROM for support CD, and you could set the system just in a blink.

The latest BIOS update will be available to download from our website or simply updated through ASRock APP Shop.

Model NameBIOS Version
Z690 Chipset​
Z690 AQUA OC9.01
Z690 AQUA9.01
Z690 Taichi12.01
Z690 Taichi Razer Edition12.01
Z690 PG Velocita11.01
Z690 Extreme7.03
Z690 Extreme WiFi 6E7.03
Z690 Steel Legend/D56.01
Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E/D56.01
Z690 Steel Legend7.02
Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E7.02
Z690 PG Riptide7.02
Z690 Pro RS9.02
Z690 Phantom Gaming 410.01
Z690 Phantom Gaming 4/D58.01
Z690M PG Riptide/D56.01
Z690M Phantom Gaming49.02
Z690 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB410.01
H670 Chipset​
H670 Steel Legend9.02
H670 PG Riptide9.02
H670M Pro RS8.02
B660 Chipset​
B660 Steel Legend6.04
B660 Pro RS10.03
B660M Steel Legend7.03
B660M Pro RS/D53.04
B660M PG Riptide2.03
B660M Pro RS7.01
B660M Pro RS/AX2.02
B660M Phantom Gaming45.01
B660M-HDVP/D5 R2.03.04
H610 Chipset​
H610M-HDV/M.2 R2.02.01
H610M-HVS/M.2 R2.02.01
H610M-HDVP/D5 R2.04.04

Find your Intel® 600 series model and download the new BIOS here:
ASRock Intel 600 Raptor Lake bootable BIOS priority



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