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I haven't played a game of chess in decades, but I still watch interesting games on the net.

Hi there
A lot of interest is also now in the "Computer" championships. Even with modern fast hardware one can't use "predict nn moves ahead where nn > 1.

A lot of the A.I in machine winning is based on pattern recognition etc. So the A.I will try to attempt to engineer what has been in its "learning experience" winning positions. Other things too of course - but it's not easy !!!


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Nepomniachtchi (Nepo) vs. Ding 2-1

Edit: now 2-2 after 4 games in a match of 14 games. It's #2 vs #3 in world rankings. #1, the world champion, 'is not motivated to defend his title' after winning 5 title matches in a row.

Edit: score now 6-6 with 2 games to go, good match (y)

Edit: 7-7 > playoff consists of rapid and blitz games > great deal of luck will decide who the world champion will be, not very satisfying, but the two players are of equal strength
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