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I'm just preparing a custom WIM file for Windows 11. Couple of things I can't find how to do in this version.

Default StartLayout for all users. I remove tons of AppxPackages but after a clean install the Start screen just shows grey empty boxes where those removed apps would be (WTF Microsoft, but to be fair this problem existed in Windows 10!!!!). I've pinned what I want then exported to LayoutModification.json but putting this file in the suggested folder doesn't work
Default Power Policy. 4/4 minutes and 10/10 minutes for AC and Battery don't work for us
Stop Teams Machine Wide Installer from auto installing on first boot. This isn't an Appx package so can't be removed that way. I remember some earlier builds of Windows 10 having the OneDrive setup process in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunOnce and it had to be removed from here in DISM to stop it self-installing. Can't find that Team Machine Wide Installer is done the same way

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