Solved Emulating TPM on Debian Bullseye (11.4) - how to fix


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Hi folks
The current TPM emulator package is missing from the current build of Debian Bullseye (11.4) and QEMU is broken in Debian Bookworm testing (next release -- still in testing phase).

So if you are building Windows VM's that want an emulated TPM from these releases either as HOST or creating a second level VM then you need to do the following

You add a repository known as "Backports" - this is the next release of apps that have been tested and work

then run sudo apt update

now install package swtpm and swtpm-tools : but you have to specify the repository

apt install -t bullseye-backports swtpm swtpm-tools and then reboot.

This repository needs to be explicitly named if you install any packages from it. (apt install -t repo package) You can upgrade a whole system but I'd advise against that - wait for the official release.

now your Windows 11 VM should work -- you don't need to configure the tpm or anything.

Hope this helps some -- took me ages trying to find this solution to tpm emulator on Debian bullseye.

My W11's are all working again now.

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