Game hubs are available now for Xbox Insiders on PC

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Introducing game hubs

Earlier this month, we started rolling out game hubs to Xbox Insiders on PC and a subset of Xbox App on PC players worldwide. Game hubs were built on your feedback around depth, progression, and more ways to connect with your games. With game hubs, you’ll be able to track your progress over time, discover the latest content and add-ons, connect or compete with your friends, get the latest news from developers, and more. This version of game hubs is just the beginning. We have another wave of updates coming soon, including ways to view your local game captures and browse other games from the same publisher. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on what’s there now and what you’d like to see in future updates.

You can access game hubs from the Xbox App on PC — just click on the game in your library or the left sidebar. Now, let’s run through some of the exciting content you will find here:

The essentials. At the top of the page, you’ll see the essentials like game info alongside options to play, install, or update the game. You’ll also see a quick link back to the details page, where you can purchase the game to own, see reviews, or add it to your wish list. Lastly, you’ll find information like when you last played, your total playtime, an achievement summary, and friend overviews. This area will also be used for important notifications like letting you know when a game is leaving Game Pass so that you can use your discount before it’s gone.

Featured content. We want to make sure you don’t miss what’s new, so you’ll see the latest available add-ons at the top of the game hub when they release with pricing info and a link to purchase.


Friends who play. No more shuffling through the app. Compare progress, view profiles, see who’s in-game, and even send your friends a party invite all from the same place.

Achievements. Easily track your overall achievement and Gamerscore progress, any hero stats you might have accumulated, and your next closest unlocks with the help of the achievements section. To see the full list of achievements you’ve earned and the ones you’re missing, you can always click ‘show all.’


All add-ons. Whether it’s the newest car pack in Forza Motorsport or more Ancient Coins to stuff your coffers for Sea of Thieves Season 11, we have you covered. You can browse available and owned add-ons directly from the game hub.

HowLongToBeat. We heard how much you enjoyed this feature on the details pages for participating games, so we made sure to bring it over to game hubs, too. Whether you’re looking to finish up the main story or going for a completionist run, HowLongToBeat will help you compare your playtime against community sourced completion data.

From the developer. Here, you’ll get the latest updates, announcements, tips, and tricks from the game’s developers. Find the latest news related to your favorite games directly from the teams behind them.


Until March 9, a Quest will available in the Xbox Insider Hub (open or install clicking here) for players enrolled in the PC Gaming preview. As a reminder, you can always give us suggestions for the app or leave feedback by clicking on your Profile card inside the Xbox App and then selecting Feedback from the dropdown menu. We can’t wait to hear from you as we work to bring more improvements to game hubs and the Xbox App on PC.

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