Google Takeout: useless for everything but your photos?


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I realize this may not be the most appropriate place to post this. However, I've had a troubling experience with Google. I downloaded my "data". I selected a size of 2 GB limit.

About a day later after requesting the information, I received an email and with two separate files needed to be downloaded. The combined total of both files was a meagre 54 MB (problem number 1). Google separated the file into two despite my limit. I experienced the same on another Google account.

The second issue is that I really can't access my data. Most files are in .json format but I can't find any way to open them. There's a lot of talk online about .json and Google photos or Hangouts, but nothing for all the other files in .json format.

The other issue might be to do with my aging eyes. After downloading my pics from Google Takeout, they're not as sharp and crisp as when I view them in Google photos.

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