Handbrake on W11 - best settings to convert m2ts to mkv


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Hi Experts and Video Geeks.

I've a bunch of m2ts video files that I'd like to convert to mkv - in batch I don't like these online things because in a batch system you can run these things overnight or while doing something else.

Handbrake is free and reasonably flexible -- anybody able to suggest the least "Lossy" way to convert m2ts into mkv (or even mp4) files Since the m2ts files are already compressed what I'm really looking for is a 1:1 conversion.

My impression so far is that Video on W11 performs very nicely (of course it also depends on your video card(s) / gpu but on my Intel laptop it's working very well.

(Slightly OT but I'm keeping W11 on this laptop - I don't (so far) see any reason to revert back to W10 -- and as I don't have any problems with Windows defender - the current issue with people not being able to disable it - not an issue for me).

Looking also at avidemux -- its free - any thoughts on that one too.


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