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This tutorial will show you different ways to minimize an open window for your account in Windows 11.

You can minimize a window in Windows 11 to the taskbar to hide it.

When the window is minimized, you can restore it back to its original size and position when wanted.


Option One

Minimize Window using Keyboard Shortcut

1 While the window is in focus, press the Win :win: + Down arrow keys.

Option Two

Minimize All Windows using Keyboard Shortcut

1 Press the Win :win: + M keys.

Option Three

Minimize All Windows using Show Desktop

This option requires Select the far corner of the taskbar to show the desktop to be turned on.

1 Perform one of the following actions: (see screenshot below)
  • Press the Win :win: + D keys.
  • Click/tap on the Show Desktop button on the right end of the task bar.

Option Four

Minimize Window using Minimize Caption Button

1 Click/tap on the Minimize caption button at the top right corner of the window. (see screenshot below)


Option Five

Minimize Window using Title Bar Menu

1 Perform one of the following actions: (see screenshot below)
  • Right click on the title bar of the window, and click/tap on Minimize.
  • While the window is in focus, press the Alt + Space keys and release to open the title bar menu, and press the N key.

Option Six

Minimize Window using Taskbar Icon

This option will only work if you have a single window open for an app.

It will not work if you have multiple windows open the app.

1 Click/tap on the app's (ex: "File Explorer") icon on the taskbar. (see screenshot below)


Option Seven

Minimize Window using Taskbar Menu

1 Press and hold the Shift key.

2 Right click on the window's taskbar icon. (see screenshot below)

3 Release the Shift key.

4 Click/tap on Minimize.


Option Eight

Minimize Window from Taskbar Thumbnail Preview

1 Hover the pointer on the window's taskbar icon to see its thumbnail preview. (see screenshot below)

2 Right click on the taskbar thumbnail preview.

3 Click/tap on Minimize.


Option Nine

Minimize Window from Task Manager

1 Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).

2 Click/tap on the Processes tab. (see screenshot below)

3 Right click on the app (ex: "This PC" for File Explorer) you want to maximize its window.

4 Click/tap on Minimize.


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