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Hi all, bit of a silly one one. But I have managed to install the mystery screensaver. I was hoping that I could maybe put a few more retro screensavers on. Also I would like to use some classic retro 95/98 Plus themes on my laptop as well. Is this possible? Also retro Plus games although this may not be possible but I would like to try. Any help/walkthroughs etc would be appreciated. My build is windows 11 version 2LH2 OS build 22000.675. Thanks.

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Love the XP Lunar Black theme with your own desktop pic -- here a Jaguar -- 4 legged not 4 wheeled version) on an XP VM.

Love the "curved bars too". Far better than the bland W11 stuff and obsession with "Rounded corners" or logon continuous circle (W11 latest) or dotted circle (std W11 etc) and those boring emojis, (Plus a sensible menu that doesn't eat up a whole load of your Screen real estate).

If you can replicate this theme on W11 -- would be GREAT STUFF IMO.

BTW if you want retro screensavers the ESCHER XP one is great -- all those "Impossible figures" - but it only works on XP. Maybe a nice project for you - get the XP screen saver to work on W11.

Ignore the politics of this paper - It's 99% woke and really left wing but sometimes they have decent non political articles in it and this one is OK (and not behind a paywall). Here's info on Escher and his "Impossible Figures".

Win 7 (and earlier) std games that used to come with Windows can be downloaded from winaero site and are installable on W10/W11 -- love "Hearts" !!!


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