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UPDATE 6/28:

 Skype Community Blog:

Hi Everyone,

The latest Skype Insider build 8.122 was fully released and this is what we were working on.

What’s new?

📝 Rich Desktop Text Composer Update 📝

We're excited to introduce a major upgrade to the Skype desktop text composer, designed to redefine your messaging experience with enhanced functionality and ease of use.
  • 📝 Structured Messaging: Skype now supports additional text formatting options. Structure your thoughts with numbered and nested lists, from bullets to indentations, to undo and redo.
  • 😄 Expressive Chat: Convey emotions vividly with a new range of inline emojis. Typing a shortcut for an emoticon immediately renders the respective emoticon inline, maintaining a cohesive and uninterrupted user text-entry experience.
  • ✂️ Seamless Integration: Transfer supported formats smoothly from documents to chat with smart paste options. Copy/pasting rich content from word processors, is streamlined and fully supported, ensuring that all original supported formatting and data are preserved and displayed accurately within the content area.
  • 🖋 RichText Editor options applied inline:Styles applied via the RichText editor are directly embedded inline, ensuring that textual formatting is maintained and consistent wherever the text is displayed.
    • Formatting Text as Monospace: Easily format text as monospace by wrapping it with a single backtick, like this: `This will be monospaced.`
  • ⌨️ Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Windows:
      • Shift+Enter/Alt+Enter: Inserts a new line outside lists and within lists.
      • Enter/Ctrl+Enter: Sends a message outside a list. Within a list, Enter creates a new list item, and Ctrl+Enter then sends the message.
    • Mac:
      • Shift+Enter/Option+Enter: Inserts a new line outside lists and within lists.
      • Enter/Command+Enter: Sends a message outside a list. Within a list, Enter creates a new list item, and Command+Enter then sends the message.
These Rich Desktop Composer updates aim to enhance your messaging experience with enhanced functionality and ease of use.

📸 Enhanced Lenses Experience 📸

We're thrilled to introduce an update to the Lenses experience on Skype, making it even more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • 📱 Automatic Front-Facing Camera Activation: When you select a chat, then select the camera, and choose the smiley that gives you access to the filters, the camera will now automatically switch to the front-facing camera for the applicability of the filters.
  • 🎭 Effortless Filter Application: With the front-facing camera automatically activated, you can now easily apply and enjoy the wide range of fun and expressive filters available in Skype.
  • 🤳 Improved User Interaction: This update enhances the user interaction with the camera filters, making it easier and quicker to capture the perfect moment or expression.
Check out the new features and make your video chats more dynamic and expressive with the latest enhancements to the Lenses experience on Skype mobile!

Polishing Skype: Stability improvements & Bug fixes 🛠️🐛
  • Resolved Display Issue on iOS: We have fixed an issue where the caller’s monitor was not displayed when adding participants through the dial pad during a 1:1 call on iOS
As usual, all new features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days so if you don’t see them right away, just check again soon. 

Please let us know what you think about the latest changes, either here in the community or through the Skype app. You can always go to the Skype’s User Feedback channel to submit and vote for new features and ideas. 

Additionally, download the latest Skype Insider build here if you have not yet, so, you don't miss out on these Early Access features. :)

Thank you,
The Skype Team

Rich Desktop Text Composer Update



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New Skype Insider build v8.123.76.103 released

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