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Hi Everyone,

The latest Insider build 8.89 was fully released and this is what we were working on.

What’s new?

Preview an image received in notifications on iOS. By tapping and holding the Skype notification banner, you can preview an image received, in addition to selecting the Thumbs Up or Reply option.

Clickable profile picture on all Platforms. This enables quicker profile updates.

'Connect on Skype' section on the first click search experience on all Platforms. 'Find contacts easily', 'Scan QR code' and 'Invite to Skype' are visible when you first click on Search, as a way for users to easily connect with others.

'What's new in Skype' and 'Easy meetings with anyone' quick actions on the start page Home Screen on all Desktops and Web. This is seen on App restarts and fresh installs. Improvements to the 'Share profile' button on this page, as well.

Custom avatar addition improvements, while hosting a new meeting on Mobile and Web.

UI Improvements to the floating mode when Closed Captions are enabled during a call on all Platforms. A Settings panel added to all views (bottom, left, floating). Available settings: language and captioning position mode.

Stability improvements

Bug fixes:
  • Toogle "Optimize mode" in Android devices' settings, in case you do not receive incoming call or message notifications, when your screen is off/when Skype is not open.
  • UI Improvements to avatars and text when using captions during a call
  • Close option missing, when opening another user's profile picture on iOS. You won't need to go back to exit this view
As usual, all new features are rolling out gradually over the next couple of days so if you don’t see them right away, just check again soon. 

Please let us know what you think about the latest changes, either here in the community or through the Skype app. You can always go to the Skype’s User Feedback channel to submit and vote for new features and ideas. 

Additionally, download the latest Skype Insider build here if you have not yet, so, you don't miss out on these Early Access features. :)

Thank you,
The Skype Team



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