New Xbox app version 2404.1001.25.0 for Windows 11 and Windows 10

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April 2024

Release date: 4/22/2024

App version number: 2404.1001.25.0

Casual Games hub

Not sure what to play? Jump into a variety of games instantly through the Solitaire and Casual Games app. Find this hub in the Store under the Play it casual banner.

Auto-redeem for Microsoft Rewards
You can now set a recurring auto-redemption of your Rewards points for the reward that’s right for you. Simply visit your profile page and select the Rewards tab to see what offers are available for you.

Bug fixes
  • Resolved a reliability issue with party chat in which social widgets would become unpinned in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue in which some games were not showing Install buttons.
  • Fixed a bug in which context menus were not appearing when right-clicking games in some instances.
  • Resolved an issue in which the Buy button was not loading on some game description pages for some users in Europe.
  • Resolved a bug in which the party participant list would not populate correctly after a player in a party accepted an invite to a different party.


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