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This tutorial will show you how to open the Start menu in Windows 11.

The Start menu is comprised of three sections: Pinned, All apps, and Recommended.

The Start menu contains shortcuts of all your apps, settings, and files.

The Pinned section is at the top of the Start menu. This section consists of pins arranged in a grid. The items in this section are a subset of all the apps installed on the PC; not all installed apps are included in this section by default. The number of rows and items in this view are consistent across device panel sizes. While the initial view of this section displays 18 items, a user can use the pagination control to move through pages of additional pins. The items in this section are a combination of Microsoft-defined apps, dynamically delivered apps, and OEM-configured items. Users can add, move, or remove pins in this section.

The All apps section appears when a user clicks/taps on All apps in the upper-right corner of the Start menu. All Apps is a comprehensive list, in alphabetical order, of all installed apps. Users can add or remove items in All apps.

The Recommended section is the section below the "Pinned" section on the bottom of the Start menu that shows a list of the users recently added apps and recently opened items. Users can click/tap on More to see a full list of their recently added apps and recently opened items.


Here's How:

1 Perform one of the following actions: (see screenshot below)
  • Click/tap on the Start :win: button on the taskbar.
  • Press the Windows :win: key on the keyboard.
  • Swipe with one finger up from the bottom edge of your touch screen.

2 You can now open an item from the Pinned, All apps, or Recommended section if wanted. (see screenshots below)




That's it,
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