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Hi folks
Anybody used Nomachine yet on Windows for full GUI access in controlling remote machines -- the home version is free and seems to look good although it needs to be installed on all the remote computers as well which could be a problem..

For bog std command line stuff ssh or telnet or both always work between any types of OS though if you have CLI access.

I hadn't heard of this package before but it looks more secure than RDP (where RDP is used) and I loathe Teamviewer with a passion !!!

Seems to be working OK

Linux laptop to Remote NAS Linux with Windows VM running on remote NAS

You need the SERVER to start on the remote systems- and enable appropriate ports. Use the Cllient on the machine you are working on.

Also works on WINDOWS VM (haven't installed on physical machine yet) to NAS and other Windows

seems impressive so far - and foolproof although the ist time start up screen is a bit confusing --#

BTW you can connect directly to the windows VM without having to connect to the NAS itself - I'm just testing all the connections.

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