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I have a new Lenovo DT (gaming) only 6 mos old. My power on password (in BIOS) just won't work. Anyone have any ideas on what to do to reset it? Last thing I read was that the system board is trashed now. I've tried everything, but what may have been a Frankenstein malware has haunted me for the last 2 months. I'm afraid they may have changed the power on password somehow. tried everything I know. This is a Win 11 PC

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    Long story. On 3-15 I received a Ransomware note demanding $40k in crypto to release my machine. I deleted it immediately. I don't have any money, nor do I deal with crypto currency. They have also installed a keylogger and they are reading this as I type. All 3 PC's are infected with this malware along with all my MS accounts. Passwords are immediately changed after I do a reset, making it impossible to contact MS. the perps keep me away from using Pins and, Fingerprinting or phone verification. I can only use email, which they have very tight reigns. 0 to 10 I'm a 7 on capability on PC's. When my 2 Lenovo's became unusable, I purchased a new Dell DT. Took it to a PC technician and set it up. Brought it home and plugged it in and immediately it too was infected. I couldn't log on because my password won't work. I'm stuck. I've done a clean reset on the Lenovo's, ran a half dozen kinds on anti malware and software only to find nthing, even updated Bios on the oldest Lenovo to no avail. Can someone help me get ahold of MS or chat on the phone please?. 3Win 11 desktop completely unusable, I'm typing this on a win 10 laptap. Been fighing this for 6 weeks now and can find no assistance assistance anywhere!

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