Visual Studio 2022 17.11 Preview 1.2 version released

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Released June 11th, 2024

This release focuses on quality-of-life enhancements for all developers and workloads. When you use Visual Studio, you want to feel empowered and productive. That's why quality-of-life features are so important: they make coding a smooth and enjoyable experience, free of unnecessary hassles and headaches. We hope you'll love this update.

.NETFrom the community
Revamped Resource Explorer Preview 2Feedback ticket

Top bug fixesFrom the community
Rich copy/paste of C# source code into Office fails Preview 1Feedback ticket
Incorrect error with in-class pointer to member variable Preview 1Feedback ticket
Optimization of right bit shift switches type from signed to unsigned Preview 1Feedback ticket
Index outside bounds when switching branch Preview 1Feedback ticket
False Positives for Warning C26434 (Code Analysis) Preview 1Feedback ticket
Partial visualizations of std::variant in the debugger Preview 1Feedback ticket
MSVC v19.37+ incorrect code gen for arithmetic expressions Preview 2Feedback ticket
C4506 (no definition for inline function) incorrectly reported for template spec... Preview 2Feedback ticket
Missing integral types overload for cmath functions Preview 2Feedback ticket

See the full list of all the user-reported feature requests and bug fixes that made it into this release.



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