Visual Studio 2022 version 17.10.2 released

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released June 11th, 2024

Summary of What's New in this Release​

  • Fixed an issue in which TypeScript errors might be shown in a Razor file when there are no errors in TypeScript for the file.
  • After upgrading to Germanium build of Windows, WSL requires a manual upgrade. This can cause Visual Studio to hang when opening CMake projects.
  • VS now includes MAUI 8.0.40 (SR5)
  • Add an optional installer component for the recently released Windows SDK version 10.0.26100.
  • The use of .NET SDK 7 caused issues when combined with Razor projects. 17.10 is causing MissingMethodException exceptions on upgrade · Issue #10411 · dotnet/razor. Note: the .NET SDK 7 series is out of support. Customers previously hitting this should strongly consider moving to a .NET SDK which is in support.

Developer Community​

Security advisories addressed​

  • CVE-2024-30052 Remote Code Execution when debugging dump files that contain a malicious file with an appropriate extension
  • CVE-2024-29060 Elevation of Privilege where affected installation of Visual Studio is running
  • CVE-2024-29187 WiX based installers are vulnerable to binary hijack when run as SYSTEM


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