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Hi All
Something that has been puzzling me since my conversion from W8.1/W10 habits regarding Microsoft obsession with daily checking and upgrading. I never really knew what it was all about but accepted it in blind faith.
Problem was that these updates could be very intrusive and time consuming, involving several restarts at times. Not so bad on W8.1 but very troublesome on W10. Yes, I could schedule them for nigh time non active periods. If only it were that simple.
I started off my experience with W10 with a small Lenovo laptop. This was a disaaster as it was totally underpowered (only 4G Ram) and would seize up during these daily updates. I would have to go away for an hour as the m/c was unusable. Its now gathering dust on a shelf
During a Sale I bought an Acer Desktop, capable m/c now turn 3yrs only used for Security camera duty for a short while (IP cams etc what a nightmare - we wont go there). Microsoft pestered me to ug cos time for a freebie was running out so I did a month ago.
What puzzles me is that W10 had this bad habit of spending mega time on update most night. If I left my m/c shut down for a week/month. This raise a big fuss with the update schedule and it would take many hours doing its business. W10 will only, with difficulty , allow you to pause update and for a maximum of 28days. You will update or you will be shot. I inderstand the Microsoft doesnt want all these half baked installations floating around. Whats it all for? BTSOOM
Well on W11, this update service all seem very quiet, hardly notice anything now - except and occasionl note in the Systems panel that my bits were checked out this morning.

So what has happened? Suspiciously quiet. Browsing I find that scheduling updates is a pretty fraught business, it seems.

Anyone shed a light on this mystery? I am tring to save power with a sleep setting, but I find that my m/c will wake itself up again for no reason - common problem - bit of a mess here. Also W update will wake up the m/c at night OK.

I am wondering if I should elect to hibernate instead, much better reliable power savings but will it interfere with W nightly updates?

Its all tricky stuff full of if's nd buts it seems.

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