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I'm trying to change my stock folders to another style Pry Frente to be exact.
I extracted all icons from shell32.dll and made entries in:
HLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons\
For every icon where i saw the default folder: 4,5,264 and 319.
And 16772 for the folder with some paper in it.

I suppose i need to clear icon cache or reboot for the fixes to take effect.

On Win 10 i made my own "Live folder", but i don't remeber what i did exacly, since i threw everything i could think of at it until it worked.
So i kinda overdid it and changed the icons inside windows dll's: Imageres, shell32, etc...
It worked but i broke windows update... And i want to do it right this time.. 😅

How do i change the "Live Folders"?
The ones that are generates and look like this:

Can't find then in Shell32.dll... I think i remeber that you could change them with /Shell Icons/ but i don't remember. :/
Worst case i'll have to chage them induvidally but its way better to change the icons that are used when building the custom ones, so i don't have to change every single icon just to get darkmode in explorer.

I love how neaT to got "My computer". But it just looks bad with yellow folders... 😫😫


Edit: Seems like i need to change imageres.dll icons.
I suppose to do that i need to change imageres.dll.mun inside C:\Windows\SystemResources then...

This Rabbit hole is familiar. Lol
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This is her now:1680171396145.png

I got some issues with the notempty folder icon, i thought i had saved the *.ico wrong or something, for some reason, when windows Auto uses "imageres.dll,162" the transparancy doesn't want to work, and the egde look aliased. :/

AMD folder is customized, using same icon in the same file as Användare(Users), the transparancy only works if i apply it manually?
Also can you get rid of the light gray background that gets added when windows generate it's own custom minatures from the live folders and content images?. (Like the Battlefield2042/dx/hydra/ny mapp/program/windows folders)

I'll probably change the nonempy folder for one below, i just had to chage it a lot to see if it really changed, had the same transparancy problem with the rest of theese:


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Wow ! I'm trying for hours to do EXACTLY what you did.
How did you do it ??? Im willing to pay for the files / tutorial

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