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Just a post that I think may be of help to other users of Windows 11, I was recently prompted to either update and restart or update and shutdown, as I was finished for the day I chose to update and shutdown, on returning to my computer the next day I found that my computer would not start up or even give any indication of starting up on my monitor, after looking at many different solutions to my problem on YouTube etc I was still unable to rectify the problem, as a last resort I decided to try my old monitor which was connected via RGA and not HDMI as was my latest monitor, to my surprise my computer was actually working so I then went into troubleshoot and chose to repair, the screen messaged that repairs had been made, after which I reconnected my new monitor which was connected via HDMI and was then working as it was before the update, so presumably the update had somehow stopped my computer from recognising my monitor that was connected via HDMI, hope that this post can help other users out of the predicament that I found myself in .

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