Windows 365 Cloud PC updates with deeper Windows 11 integration

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Get a early look at what’s coming for Cloud PC experiences with Windows 365, including deeper Windows 11 integration with capabilities for booting directly to your Cloud PC, the new Windows 365 app experience, as well as switching from your local device to your Cloud PC. For admins, we’ll show you how setup and management is easy with native, fully cloud managed Azure Active Directory authentication for your Windows 365 Cloud PCs and the new Windows 365 Business simplified admin experience. Scott Manchester, Partner Director PM for Windows 365, joins Jeremy Chapman to share all the Windows 365 updates.


  • Windows 365 Boot will allow specialized devices to go from powering on, to logging in directly to your Cloud PC.
  • Windows 365 Switch will enable fast desktop switching via the Task View in Windows 11 to move to your Cloud PC and from there back to your local desktop.
  • Windows 365 app will be included in a future Windows 11 release and available for Windows 10, which allows you to access your Cloud PCs, manage and troubleshoot them.
  • Windows 365 Offline in the future will allow your Cloud PC to sync locally on your device and you’ll be able to work without an internet connection; then once you reconnect any changes made will synchronize to your Cloud PC.
  • Azure Active Directory Join support for Windows 365 Enterprise is currently in preview and will be generally available in May.
  • Updates to the Windows 365 Business portal and simplified management experiences for small businesses, and
  • New Microsoft 365 Lighthouse portal integration for partners who manage multiple customer tenants.

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