Windows Security app still buggy? TPM missing

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Windows 11
Is the Windows Security App still buggy?

I am aware that Microsoft recently fixed the LSA warning, but now I am experiencing issues with TPM instead.

When I go to Device Security, TPM is missing about 75% of the time. I close the Window, open Device Security and TPM is back. Sometimes Core Isolation also disappears.

This is a new PC and would like to confirm if anybody else is experiencing the same issue or if it’s hardware related before returning the CPU and motherboard to the store.
Any other way I could verify that TPM is actually working?

Windows 11 Home 22H2

CPU: Ryzen 5 7600X with fTPM enabled in BIOS.

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Probably related to this: Windows Security, action required but not allowed

The short answer is, no, people are still having problems with that console. Some didn't have the problem before, but are having now with the latest updates.

You can check TPM status also through "tpm.msc" (just search for that in the start menu).

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    Dell Optiplex Micro 5000
    Intel Core i5-12500T
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