Windows Server 2022 will now only get new version every 2-3 years

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Microsoft has updated its servicing model. Starting with Windows Server 2022 there is one primary release channel available, the Long-Term Servicing Channel. The Semi-Annual Channel will still be supported up to the dates shown in the table below. This page is designed to help you determine the end of support date for the Long-Term Servicing Channel and Semi-Annual Channel releases.

The Semi-Annual Channel in previous versions of Windows Server focused on containers and microservices, and that innovation will continue with Azure Stack HCI. With the Long-Term Servicing Channel, a new major version of Windows Server is released every 2-3 years. Users are entitled to 5 years of mainstream support and 5 years of extended support. This channel provides systems with a long servicing option and functional stability, and can be installed with Server Core or Server with Desktop Experience installation options. The Long-Term Servicing Channel will continue to receive security and non-security updates, but it will not receive the new features and functionality.

Windows Server current versions by servicing option

Windows Server releaseVersionBuild numberAvailabilityMainstream support end dateExtended support end date
Windows Server, version 20H2 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter Core, Standard Core)20H219042.508.200927-190210/20/202005/10/2022Not applicable
Windows Server, version 2004 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter Core, Standard Core)200419041.264.200508-220505/27/202012/14/2021Not applicable
Windows Server, version 1909 (Semi-Annual Channel) (Datacenter Core, Standard Core)190918363.418.191007-014311/12/201905/11/2021Not applicable
Windows Server 2019 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) (Datacenter, Essentials, Standard)180917763.107.1010129-145511/13/201801/09/202401/09/2029
Windows Server 2016 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) (Datacenter, Essentials, Standard)160714393.010/15/201601/11/202201/11/2027


Windows Server, version 1803 and later are governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. See the Windows Lifecycle FAQ and Comparison of servicing channels for details regarding servicing requirements and other important information.

Source: Windows Server release information


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