Working Gnome Desktop GUI in WSL with Ubuntu 18.04 and wayland


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Hi there
Finally got it working on preview Windows 11 release 22518. 1012 running from an external ssd from physical vhdx install (Windows 11) with help of @pparks1 Link -- but Oh dear there are a few errors / glitches in the processes in the link.

1) You need to install net 3/3.5 or dotnet run time (needed for this) otherwise the whole kybosh fails doesn't work

2) check the path names e,g Users instead of users etc depending on what you have for the downloads things or use the downloads manually and extract zips manually too. Easy way - copy into notepad, edit and paste back into the command panel.

3) at first start of the desktop script (the vbs one) wait a few minutes for the desktop to appear - easier to run it manually from windows file explorer.

4) remember the powershell commands can run directly within the wsl - prefix commands with powershell.exe

5) to avoid directory permissions etc -- a) disable firewall (while testing) and b) instead of umpteen sudo and password attempts simply in the wsl do sudo su (once) and you are in root.

6) I haven't bothered with Pulse audio server yet -- this stuff has taken me long enough !!!!!! but quite addictive once you get used to it


Finished : (I do prefer KDE to GNOME any day of the week -- but having got this far - I can have a go with KDE later)

I suspect a few others now will have "A few Hours" of messing around -- All standard Windows here apart from the X-SERVER (VCXSRV) which is downloaded and installed as part of the process.

The finished desktop and Windows release : Showing this is the WSL and not a "VM" !!!!!


Have fun everyone !!!

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