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  1. Internet Explorer Mode Help

    If you double-click on iexplore.exe in that location it just starts Edge ...
  2. Is there a way to ditch the "Recommended" section of the Start screen?

    Maybe a bit longer than that as W11 only has annual features, so it would be 22H2.
  3. Installation and Upgrade Bypass Windows 11 TPM 2.0 and CPU System Requirements

    I too checked all 3 of my PCs and they also have the DWORD value already set. I wonder if this arose because these PCs were all being used on Insider Preview? Two of my PCs are fully compatible (8th and 10th gen Intel) whereas the third fails the CPU check (Intel G3450) but does have secure...
  4. Thoughts

    The "official" MS bypass allows you to install W11 on a non-supported CPU but does not allow you to bypass the TPM requirement other than allowing it to be 1.2. So if you've got W11 on a non-TPM PC then I would suggest be prepared to find that the next feature update to W11 (22H2) will not...
  5. Windows 11 available on October 5

    Worth bearing in mind that Insiders with non-compliant hardware were kicked off the dev channel with MS saying they now needed to start testing changes that would impact such users of these PCs. Whatever MS deploy in the dev channel over the coming months will eventually end up as 22H2 which is...
  6. Installation and Upgrade Clean Install Windows 11

    In step 11 of this tutorial, having got a disk with all space unallocated, just clicking "next" results in the entire space being allocated to the C drive. All very well in the example where the disk looks like a 64 Gb SSD. But SSDs are now much bigger and most now start at 256 Gb which is...
  7. Windows 11 available on October 5

    Yes, you will need to do a clean install to get to the public release from the dev version, as this is a completely different build.
  8. Clean install

    When you get to step 11, where you have a completely unallocated volume, instead of clicking "next", click "new". You will then be prompted for a size which will default to the max size. In the example the next screen shows a pre-alloacted volume with data which must be a different volume.
  9. Clean install

    When you clean install, the process will first allocate the disks - C drive and about 3 small system parititions. It will ask you what size you want for the C drive, with the default being the remaining space. You can specify what size you want, but on my SSDs I've set the C drive as 100 Gb and...
  10. Windows 11 available on October 5

    I've had a look at the registry hack that has been documented by MS, and surpised to find it's already there on all 3 of our machines. 2 are already fully compliant, whilst the 3rd fails the CPU and TPM checks. I'm fixing the TPM for this because there's a slot on the MB for that and a Gigabyte...
  11. Windows 11 available on October 5

    October 5th is when it becomes generally available to non-insiders and will start to be offered via WU. Also I'm certain that if you're on Beta/RP and your build is 22000.194 then it's eaxctly the same as RTM if that too is 22000.194. Cannot believe MS would ship two different versions of...
  12. Windows 11 available on October 5

    I would have thought unlikely. Even if there is, the next CU should re-align them.
  13. Insider KB5005635 Windows 11 Insider Preview Beta and RP Build 22000.194 - Sept. 23

    But there's only been one W11 build for the Beta/Release Preview channel - 22000. All updates since then have just been CUs. So come October 5th MS can align everyone by simply issuing the latest CU.
  14. KB5006050 Windows 11 Insider Preview Beta Build 22000.176 - Sept. 2

    Depends whether it's an OEM licence or a Retail licence. The latter should work, but not the former. Both my Windows 11 machines are using Windows 7 Retail licences purchased in 2009 which are still valid even after completely changing the hardware on each machine.
  15. Windows 11 available on October 5

    Well there are still 4 Patch Thursdays until release so let's hope many of the bugs are fixed by October 5th. :)
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