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“Judge me by my file sync size, do you?” – Yoda to Luke ShareWalker in the after credits of "Rogue OneDrive". Add to playlist, this episode you will. Certain Yoda uses OneDrive to store the ancient Jedi texts.

Beyond reading ill-quoted Star Wars, you’re about to learn the difference and design (and value) of “Add to OneDrive” (aka, “Add shortcut to OneDrive”) when compared to common sync for team site document libraries (aka, “shared libraries”).

On this episode, we hear from Gaia Carini and Katy Erlandson from the OneDrive engineering team. You’ll hear more about what each capability does, the path forward by design to make it easy for you, plus guidance for today and going forward. The whole of this episode spawned from a Twitter thread request – “Sync vs Add Shortcut to OneDrive", and we think you'll like this audible response.

The Intrazone, episode 89:

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