Any Gamers -- Running SteamOS on HYPER-V with decent results ??


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Hi folks
Is anybody running SteamOS for Gaming under HYPER-V with good results -- somehow passthru etc for HYPER-V just seems too complex. Both passthru and STEAM work fine on a decent machine running ArchLinux as a HOST and running Steam as a VM under KVM/QEMU. You need to run STEAM OS as a separate dedicated Gaming OS as it's not suitable for a normal desktop workspace OS.

I don't have much experience of gaming - but I was helping a friend with a powerful gaming rig to set this up to try the valve steam gaming deck- we tried and found W11 pro (23 H2 edition -- i.e not the latest insider versions) with HYPER-V was (strangely) far worse in performance than running a the main Linux OS. Neither of us are Windows Gurus but definitely thought something was wrong with the Windows and Hyper-V set up -- probably because pass thru of cpu, gpu, and misc hardware wasn't set up properly.Hyper-V is normally very good BTW.

Anybody got this working on Hyper-V decently -- BTW you need to have some pretty "frightening" hardware though -- don't try this on a basic or even moderately capable laptop.

Added -- you can run Steam games natively on Windows but again it's not really very good if you concurrently want to use the machine as a normal workstation which is why the VM idea is IMO the "best angle of attack".


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