BSOD in some games, how intensive the game doesn't seen to matter


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Windows 11
System is a little over two years old
Problem retained over multiple windows versions

The error occurs mostly when sitting idle in menus, changing settings, loading things, tabing out of fullscreen applications (rarely happens), and autosaving(only in state of decay 2). Sometimes I can also go hours without an issue and other times I can crash 5 times in a half hour. This started occurring around May but it could have developed before, I was in university at the time and didn't have any time for games.

List of things I've tried:
1. I initially thought it was my ssd because it first happened when a game was saving but windows test (I think it was sfc scanow or something? it has been months since I tried this) and crystal disk info say my ssd is still health. The lowest one was 95% if i remember correctly.
2. checked ssd drivers for update
3. reinstallation of gpu drivers (using ddu)
4. reinstallation of widows (along with wiping everthing that was installed on the same drive)
5. memtest86 said memory was fine, also tried some extra ram I had laying around and still crashed
6. Turning of Resizeable bar
7. checked temps using HWinfo, they all looked fine
8. reinstallation of the affected games
9. Updating bios
10. Countless other small settings changes I can't even remember

If more info is needed don't be afraid to ask, I really want to get this fixed.

Thanks for any responses in advance.

EDIT: Apologies, it is telling me my V2 file was large so I had to delete some of the dmp files to be able to upload it
Windows Build/Version
Windows ver 22H2 (OS Build 22621.674)


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