driver_power_state_failure nt!TRIAGE_9F_POWER on Win11

There was a recent thread where x bluerobot requested a memory dump.
The OP spent time uploading the 32 GB file.
Yet nobody debugged the file.
Firstly, I didn't realise that they had set it to a full memory dump rather than a kernel memory dump which is often only 1-3GB in size and I did make several attempts to download the said file.

Secondly, as @ubuysa mentioned, we both agreed that they shouldn't be uploading such a large dump file but instead should change their dump file settings and then upload the smaller kernel memory dump if they have another crash.

If the computers only produced large dump files would you not be able troubleshoot?
There are plenty of scenarios where you need a kernel memory dump in order to troubleshoot the issue properly. These include Stop 0x9F 0x4, Stop 0x133s, Stop 0x109s, Stop 0x101s and pretty much anything where the call stack doesn't have an obvious culprit.

In contrast, WDV is more likely to find a misbehaving driver.
And mini dump files are easier to upload and download.
Not always, more often than not, Driver Verifier will not find anything unless you have a particularly buggy driver. Remember, Driver Verifier is only designed to test for specific bugs, it isn't a be all and end of all testing tool. However, we're still yet to see your reasons as to why the pinned instructions are incorrect.

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