How Microsoft is rethinking the hybrid meeting room experience with Microsoft Teams

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New Microsoft Teams-powered hybrid meeting room technology is helping us design new experiences for our employees and vendors here at Microsoft and helping customers understand how to achieve these experiences for themselves.

“We want to create an environment that is halfway between the physical and virtual,” says Matt Hempey, a principal program manager with Microsoft Digital Employee Experience, the organization that powers, protects, and transforms the company. “These rooms represent the kind of hybrid experiences that we can deploy at scale around the world.”

By adjusting the AV and swapping out furniture, we have created a more inclusive and collaborative Microsoft Teams meeting experience that is optimized to interact with remote attendees and that is better for both our in-person and remote attendees. We've begun selectively deploying this experience in our medium-sized conference rooms.

“We've had to look at what technologies we can use to make our remote employees feel more included in a meeting, and vice versa,” says Scott Weiskopf, director of the Center of Innovation for Global Workplace Services. “We had to help the people who are physically present feel more connected to people who are remote.”

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We were doing this with conference facilities over 15 years ago. Just a lot cheaper now LOL.

The best Teams development we could have is two sharing of screens. We all gripe that only one person can share a screen in my job. Most of us still work from home, and we all have two monitors.

It would be a BIG improvement if I could share my screen when talking to another person on Teams, and they could share theirs in reverse on other monitor at the same time. We are forever flip flopping a shared screen. To have two way sharing would really be great.

Also two monitor sharing in one direction would be cool, so I could have say main focus on one screen, but others could see what was on my second screen as well.

So before MS smugly think their new developments are cool, how about some "back to basics" features that would really be useful!

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