Integrity Level High suddenly set on rar file.


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Windows 11
Made a backup last month before upgrading some software. Took the folder, Right click -> Winrar -> Add to archive. Then i left that archive in the same folder, and did the setup.
Today wanted to move that backup to a backup share. However the access to the file denied.
Ownership was setup as administrators, however this never happens on my own files.
So i took ownership of the file, tried copy again, and still access denied.
Then i saw: High Mandatory Setting. Something i didn't see on any other of my files.
Did not make printscreen, and but it looks like this, first post, but then with High M S : How to change file or folder integrity level?

So i changed the rar file with command:
icacls "backup.rar" /setintegritylevel Low
And then i was able to move the file.

From what i read, that setting is only used by system protected services or processes?

How was this setting active on a .rar file? Or how could that have changed?

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