New Lenovo ThinkPad L series and ThinkPad X13 Windows 11 business laptops

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Lenovo has launched its latest Windows 11 business laptops: the ThinkPad L series and ThinkPad X13. Advances include an optional higher resolution 5MP camera for enhanced video conferencing and content creation, immersive viewing via 16:10 ratio displays and efficient cooling for when you’re hunkered down for longish workdays thanks to rear vent thermals.

You can also choose between different sizes (ThinkPad L14 or 16, ThinkPad L13 2 in 1), and either Intel Core Ultra processors with Intel vPro or AMD Ryzen PRO 7030 Series processors on select models that have up to eight high-performance processing cores for demanding multitasking and AMD Radeon integrated graphics.

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ThinkPad L13 2 in 1

Intel Core Ultra processors in the ThinkPad L Series and X13 Series AI PCs are a game-changer if you want to leverage AI in workflows. NPUs are specialized processors that are specifically designed for AI tasks, such as image recognition, natural language processing and machine learning. By offloading these tasks to dedicated hardware, you can enjoy improved performance, reduced power consumption and faster computation speeds.

Windows 11 Pro and Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11 power these AI PCs.  Microsoft Copilot is your everyday AI companion. Recently, some new features were introduced to Copilot Preview for Windows 11, which build on the introduction of the Copilot key on new Windows 11 PC keyboards. Commercial customers will find it easier to securely manage updates across their organization. 

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ThinkPad L16

Intel Core Ultra will support more than one hundred applications enhanced for AI, including Microsoft Teams, where features such as text predictions and meeting transcripts enhance productivity.

Another key feature that may appeal to businesses: enhanced repairability with the new ThinkPad L14 Gen 5 and L16 Gen 1 models, with support from iFixit. Highlighted in the recent ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 and T16 Gen 3 announcement, this partnership identified ways to improve design and engineering so people can easily repair and upgrade their devices, prolonging the lifespan of their machines and reducing electronic waste.

Find out more about these and other recent announcements from Lenovo on their StoryHub.


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