New Microsoft PowerToys version v0.80.0 for Windows 10 and Windows 11

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In the v0.80 release cycle, we focused on stability, improvements and new features.

The next release is planned to be released during Microsoft Build 2024 (late May).

Installer Hashes​

DescriptionFilenamesha256 hash
Per user - x64PowerToysUserSetup-0.80.0-x64.exe4D20EB01C4035BB41F57D43AED2A546547E1FAA660FE29DC1CC699F1916DE1CC
Per user - ARM64PowerToysUserSetup-0.80.0-arm64.exe1B85E95B0EC7D8CE1EE51B987449DA9A36DAAA4C27DF8EE4796001848EA2CBD1
Machine wide - x64PowerToysSetup-0.80.0-x64.exe2D17C1920D970332D93449184D7C2470052686FD4B3EB8ED49EF6475D1D1D62F
Machine wide - ARM64PowerToysSetup-0.80.0-arm64.exe0DD40B7A31E35472688A55A8E1ECE58847EA423F3F19FD7B8C557F1271F73F24


  • New feature: Desired State Configuration support, allowing the use of winget configure for PowerToys. Check the DSC documentation for more information.
  • The Windows App SDK dependency was updated to 1.5.1, fixing many underlying UI issues.
  • WebP/WebM files support was added to Peek. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Audio files support was added to Peek. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Automated UI testing for FancyZones Editor was added to CI.


  • Added a Quick Access entry to access the flyout from PowerToys' tray icon right click menu. Thanks @pekvasnovsky!
  • Added support for Desired State Configuration in PowerToys, allowing the use of winget configure to configure many settings.


  • Fix an issue causing the "Keep screen on" option to disable after Awake deactivated itself.

Color Picker​

  • Fixed a UI issue causing the color picker modal to hide part of the color bar. Thanks @TheChilledBuffalo!

Command Not Found​

  • Now tries to find a preview version of PowerShell if no stable version is found.


  • Fixed a crash loading the editor when there's a layout with an empty name in the configuration file.
  • Refactored layout internal data structures and common code to allow for automated testing.
  • The pressing of the shift key is now detected through raw input to fix an issue causing the shift key to be locked for some users.

File Explorer add-ons​

  • Fixed a crash occurring in the Monaco previewer when a file being previewed isn't found by the code behind.
  • Fixed an issue in the Markdown previewer adding a leading space to code blocks. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!
  • Fixed wrong location and scaling of preview results on screens with different DPIs.
  • Added better clean up code to thumbnail handlers to prevent locking files.

File Locksmith​

  • Allow multiple lines to wrap when viewing the modal with selected file paths. Thanks @sanidhyas3s!


  • Fixed the final directory name of the PowerToys Run VSCode Workspaces plugin in the installation directory to match the plugin name. Thanks @zetaloop!
  • Used more generic names for the bootstrap steps, so that "Installing PowerToys" is not shown when uninstalling.

Keyboard Manager​

  • Fixed an issue that would clear out KBM mappings when certain numpad keys were used as the second key of a chord.
  • Added a comment in localization files so that translators won't translate "Text" as "SMS".


  • Added support to .WebP/.WebM files in the image/video previewer. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Added support for audio files. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed an issue causing the open file button in the title bar to be un-clickable. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Fixed an issue when previewing a folder with a dot in the name that caused Peek to try to preview it as a file. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

PowerToys Run​

  • Added a setting to the Windows Search plugin to exclude files and patterns from the results. Thanks @HydroH!
  • Fixed an issue showing thumbnails caused by a hash collision between similar images.
  • Added the "checkbox and multiline text box" additional property type for plugins and improved multiline text handling. Thanks @htcfreek!

Quick Accent​

  • Added the Schwa character to the Italian character set. Thanks @damantioworks!

Registry Preview​

  • Allow alternative valid names for the root keys. Thanks @e-t-l!
  • Fixed an issue causing many pick file windows to be opened simultaneously. Thanks @randyrants!

Screen Ruler​

Shortcut Guide​

  • Updated the Emoji shortcut that is shown to the new Windows key + period (.) hotkey.

Text Extractor​

  • Fixed issues creating the extract layout on certain monitor configurations.

Video Conference Mute​

  • Added enable/disable telemetry to get usage data.


  • Added locks to some terms (like the name of some utilities) so that they aren't localized.
  • Fixed some shortcuts not being shown properly in the Flyout and Dashboard. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
  • Updated image for Color Picker and outdated animations for utilities in OOBE. Thanks @niels9001!


  • Added FastWeb plugin to PowerToys Run docs. Thanks @CCcat8059!
  • Removed the old security link to MSRC from the create new issue page, since is already linked there.
  • Added clarity regarding unofficial plugins to the PowerToys Run docs.


  • Updated System.Drawing.Common to 8.0.3 to fix CI builds after the .NET 8.0.3 upgrade was released.
  • Adjusted the GitHub action names for releasing to winget and Microsoft Store so they're clearer in the UI.
  • Upgraded WinAppSDK to 1.5.1, fixing many related issues.
  • Consolidate the WebView2 version used by WinUI 2 in the Keyboard Manager Editor.
  • Unified the use of Precompiled Headers when building on CI. Thanks @dfederm!
  • Added UI tests for FancyZones Editor in CI.
  • Added a GitHub bot to identify possible duplicates when a new issue is created. Thanks @craigloewen-msft!
  • Updated the WiX installer dependency to 3.14.1 to fix possible security issues.
  • Changed the pipelines to use pipeline artifacts instead of build artifacts. Thanks @dfederm!
  • Added the -graph parameter for pipelines. Thanks @dfederm!
  • Tests in the pipelines now run as part of the build step to save on CI time. Thanks @dfederm!


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