Not really a Windows problem but please UK B.T subscribers --help wanted


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Hi folks.

Got a friend in UK who wants to text me about current Wimbledon tennis and Women's Euro Footie. Usually no problem getting / receiving texts from / to UK numbers but for some reason the text isn't getting delivered successfully (I'm on an Android Samsung phone) -- and I've had 17 (No B/S 17 today from 07.00 Sun Morning !!!!) calls from B/T (UK) today at regular intervals to say "Text message from B.T messaging service -- failed to deliver" and I can't find any way to shut this wretched thing off -- even though the text message was from an iPhone in the UK !!!!.

Seems B.T has some robot that keeps trying and retrying an infinite nr of times -- hope I'm not paying the bill. !!

Anything to do with now in July the roaming things have changed from the UK to EEA/EU and the word that should not be said -- "B---'t". - OK that's UK voters choice but how do I kill that stupid B.T incesssent reminder that Text message failed to deliver. It's driving me BONKERS.

OK not a Windows problem but I do know a lot of UK people on these Forums have B.T services one way or another so they might have some clue how to kill this incessant "Retry" from B.T when text for one reason or another doesn't succeed. I'd have thought after 3 attempts then give up. !!!

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