Office Isos(img format) and C2R (click to run) installers -- from 2013 to 2021and LIPs --


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Hi folks

If you are having trouble with installing / uninstalling various versions of office then this link for the direct download of isos /img's seems genuine. You need to have your own license / activation key --these aren't pirated copies as far as I can see.

If anybody detects any "malware" etc on these then please report back -- I've re-installed Office 2021 from the 2021 pro iso (actually it's an img file but the same) because my own Click to run thing got 100% hosed up -- I uninstalled and installed with the office2021. On activation I supplied my own license key and it's fine.

don't worry about "re-directing" --it's a valid link.

For the Language Interface packs (for languages where a complete pack isn't available but only partial - but around 90% good enough) then e.g for ISL below. Unlike running from within Office itself on some canary builds where the instruction says click download but there's no download link this link works and creates a setup.exe file for the appropriate language. Although it says office/365 it's valid for 2021 and other releases .


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