PowerShell 7.4.0 preview 3 released

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Breaking Changes​

  • Remove code related to #requires -pssnapin (#19320)

Engine Updates and Fixes​

  • Change the arrow used in feedback suggestion to a more common Unicode character (#19534)
  • Support trigger registration in feedback provider (#19525)
  • Update the ICommandPredictor interface to reduce boilerplate code from predictor implementation (#19414)
  • Fix a crash in the type inference code (#19400) (Thanks @MartinGC94!)


General Cmdlet Updates and Fixes​

  • Infer external application output as strings (#19193) (Thanks @MartinGC94!)
  • Fix a race condition in Add-Type (#19471)
  • Detect insecure https-to-http redirect only if both URIs are absolute (#19468) (Thanks @CarloToso!)
  • Support Ctrl+c when connection hangs while reading data in WebCmdlets (#19330) (Thanks @stevenebutler!)
  • Enable type conversion of AutomationNull to $null for assignment (#19415)
  • Add the parameter -Environment to Start-Process (#19374)
  • Add the parameter -RelativeBasePath to Resolve-Path (#19358) (Thanks @MartinGC94!)
  • Exclude redundant parameter aliases from completion results (#19382) (Thanks @MartinGC94!)
  • Allow using a folder path in WebCmdlets' -OutFile parameter (#19007) (Thanks @CarloToso!)

Code Cleanup​

We thank the following contributors!
@eltociear, @CarloToso


  • Harden the default command test (#19416)
  • Skip VT100 tests on Windows Server 2012R2 as console does not support it (#19413)
  • Improve package management acceptance tests by not going to the gallery (#19412)

Build and Packaging Improvements​

We thank the following contributors!
  • Fixing MSI checkbox (#19325)
  • Update the experimental feature JSON files (#19297)
  • Update the cgmanifest (#19459, #19465)
  • Update .NET SDK version to 8.0.100-preview.3.23178.7 (#19381)
  • Force updating the transitive dependency on Microsoft.CSharp (#19514)
  • Update DotnetRuntimeMetadata.json to consume the .NET 8.0.0-preview.3 release (#19529)
  • Move PSGallery sync to a pool (#19523)
  • Fix the regex used for package name check in vPack build (#19511)
  • Make the vPack PAT library more obvious (#19505)
  • Change Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp back to 4.5.0 (#19464) (Thanks @dkattan!)
  • Update to the latest NOTICES file (#19332)
  • Add PoolNames variable group to compliance pipeline (#19408)
  • Fix stage dependencies and typo in release build (#19353)
  • Fix issues in release build and release pipeline (#19338)




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