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I'll try to summarize best as I can

I am a university student, finals season has come. I need an app that will help me perform Spaced Repetition of 100's if not 1000's of flashcards. I use StudySmarter but the problem is that if you've got so many flashcards, its Spaced Repetition feature simply doesn't work any more. I need an app I can syncronize with preferably Google Calendar on Windows AND android. My PC runs on Windows 11, my tablet and phones run on Android OS.

I know Google Calendar has a Task and a Event feature, but my problem with it is that if you set Tasks not Events, there is no automatic reminder on your phone or PC. Only in the case of Events.

And I haven't found a desktop app of/for Google Tasks.

I have, say, 20 sub-decks of flashcards and the forgetting curve says you forget a given material every 3 days, so you'll ideally revise the material every 3 days, so I need an app that will have a working reminder feature for this.

Meaning on Day 1, I'll be repeating sub-decks A-D; on Day 2, I'll be repeating sub-decks E-H. I need an app like Microsoft To-Do that will send me automatic reminders of the tasks I have set up for the given day. So if I repeat A-D on Day 1, I'll have to be reminded on Day 4 that in accordance with the forgetting curve of human memory, it's time for me to revise sub-decks A-D. On Day 5, I'll have to be reminded to revise sub-decks E-H. etc

Does this question make sense?
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Have you seen RemNote?

It can do syncing across your devices, but I am not sure if it answers your other queries.
No I mean I need the email - task - notification feature I am talking about in the OP. That's the one feature I need very bad now.

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