Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge version 97 now available

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We are pleased to announce the enterprise-ready release of the security baseline for Microsoft Edge version 97!

We have reviewed the settings in Microsoft Edge version 97 and updated our guidance with the addition of 1 setting. A new Microsoft Edge security baseline package was just released to the Download Center. You can download the version 97 package from the Security Compliance Toolkit.

Enhance Images

In version 97 we added a setting “Enhance images enabled” that the baseline recommends disabling for Enterprises. This feature sends images from web applications to Microsoft for enhancement (e.g. better color, lighting, and contrast). For additional information on this setting please see this link

Microsoft Edge version 97 introduced 15 new computer settings and 15 new user settings. We have included a spreadsheet listing the new settings in the release to make it easier for you to find them.

As a friendly reminder, all available settings for Microsoft Edge are documented here, and all available settings for Microsoft Edge Update are documented here.

Please continue to give us feedback through the Security Baseline Community or this post.

Source: Security baseline for Microsoft Edge v97


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