Solved Security update failed -- possible fix - worked for me


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Hi folks
I can't remember the actual specific one but I kept getting a security update failed. On checking this was something to do with EFI sec boot. I got round this by simply doing a standard EFI boot and it worked.

If you are running in a VM then it's more than likely the "Virtual sec boot" will run foul of the physical Ms sec boot security update and will also hinder you in updating to a newer build. Now Success !!!(Finally).


This was preventing me updating to a later Windows build.

Now to install language, my things, correct country / region etc -- but now I've got a base "Clean reference build"

You can then re-enable the EFI sec boot again after your update if you wish - you might need to reload the windows boot loader via bcdboot.

Note to VM users -- if you need to create a new VM because of change from sec boot to std EFI boot = keep the same UUID otherwise Windows will ask for activation again - and depending on your hardware it might not be successful.

Marking as solved. (At least for me).


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