Set standard user "shared desk" to logon (NOT autologon ( NOT Default User)


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Im supporting a shard machine with several user accounts plus one "shared desk" account

Hiding last signed user name - Tutorial 9134 works great for that

I addtion I have enabled enabled "users must enter user name & password" / press "ctrl-alt-del" to logon in Netplwiz

So far so good - all works as expected

For the last bit I need some additional help: I would like to have on of the local users show-up @ bootup - ready to logon with the selected user.
ie. Logon Screen with UserName - ready to key in the password - alternatively
"Hide last singed-user-name" - minus the standard "shared desk" user - this user should be available for everyboby to logon.
It could therefore be displayed as the only user in the "last signed-user-name" list.

By hiding the "last singed users" - people always forget the name of the "shared desk" account and keep calling support for that.

Thank you for any tipps as to how to "hide all but one user" from the last singed-user-name list

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