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Hi to all, I have been tasked with setting up a camera on a remote location with no power I will be using a 24 volt solar system to do this I have to power the repeater a ubiquity nano station which is 24 volts passive Poe and have found a dc passive Poe injector to do this which I will feed power to from the. Solar controller through a fuse to a regulator and into the injector. Now the nanostation has a passthrough port which can be turned off via airmax software my concern is I need to run a cable from the secondary port on the nano station to. a 48v passive DC Poe injector in the same way I did to the station. Then from the Poe out to. The unifi g5 pro Neither of these devices are 802.11af bt compliant if done this way will it work or will the injector return 48v power back through the station and fry the port on the nano station?

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Thanks for an interesting topic -- Ive been thinking of wanting to send dashcam to remote device as well as "door cam" . Not quite the same situation as regards power though. Let's know how you get on.

I know a few vulcanologists who have remote monitoring stations etc away from standard Internet availability yet they can see 24/7 on screens at the University in Reyjkavik so it's obviously do-able. GPS tracking devices + RFID's for vehicles obviously works too when out of normal Internet coverage.


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