Surface Pro X SQ1 SQ2 drivers and firmware for Windows 10 Windows 11

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Improvements and fixes in the updates​

June 2022 updates​

June 17 release

The following update is available for Surface Pro X (SQ1 and SQ2) devices running Windows 10 May 2020 Update, Version 20H1, or greater.

This update:
  • Improves system performance and stability.
  • Improves graphics and Wi-Fi stability.
  • Enables support for future Windows OS release.
  • Resolves Camera setting issue.
Driver versionDevice Manager Virtual Function Enum Device – Human Interface Devices UCM UCSI HID Client - USB Connector Managers Type Cover v7 Firmware Update - Firmware Type Cover V7 Fingerprint UDE Controller - Universal Serial Bus controllers Thermal Policy Driver - System devices Tcon – Human Interface Devices SPT Core - System devices SMF - Firmware Serial Hub Driver - System devices
10400.3.22.0Surface Pro X Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc - Extension Pen 0C0F Firmware Update - Firmware Pen Cfu Over BleLc Extn Package - Extension Panel - Monitor Hid Mini Driver – Human Interface Devices Firmware Update - Firmware
1.0.1660.3Surface Camera AVStream Mini Driver - Cameras Button - System devices Battery - Battery ACPI Notify Driver - System devices
1.0.1720.0Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc - Network adapters
1.0.1760.0Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device – System devices
1.0.1760.0Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device – System devices
1.0.1600.0Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device – System devices
1.0.1680.0Qualcomm(R) Bus Device – System devices
27.20.1720.0Qualcomm(R) Adreno(TM) 680 GPU - Display adapters



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