The system shuts down for a very long time - a problem


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The situation is as follows.

Documents were placed on the keyboard, which resulted in pressing a keyboard shortcut that turned off its backlight. To turn them on again, I played around with keyboard shortcuts, mainly from the Fn group, Alt (right), Ctrl (right), 1, 2, 3, Ins, Del, Hm, End, PU, PD and maybe also from the F group.

The keyboard was illuminated, but there was a problem with the system when closing!!! NOW THE SYSTEM SHUTS DOWN FOR A VERY LONG TIME, and not like before after clicking Shut Down in the start menu immediately. Probably some keyboard shortcut has been activated, e.g. causing the system to check something and therefore close for up to 1 minute.

Help please!!!

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So, as I understand, you have some keyboard shortcuts assigned to opening your documents. Then, you accidently switched off backlight instead of choosing a keyboard shortcut (by that I assume you are on a laptop, but I am not sure (?)). Now you notice the computer's Shutdown takes longer - possibly indicating that a keyboard shortcut button did this(?) .

If you could please confirm which software you are using to assign keyboard shortcuts, and if you could also confirm what your computer make/model is, then someone might be able to help you :-) .

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