Solved WD, Intel and excessive CPU use Fixed :


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Hi folks
To anybody who has or seems to have this problem with the recent builds of W11 - I fixed the problem on my machine by re-installing the latest version of W10 and upgrading from there rather than starting completely with W11.

It seems to have fixed my problem. I have the identical W11 systems on 2 VHDX files, and the one running from the "Clean build" W11 goes bonkers while the one running from the W10 upgrade is running really sweetly !!!! Not sure why or how the logic works -- it's just observable.. You know something is not right when the case of your laptop gets almost hot enough to make an Omlette and the fan sounds like an F12 jet.

If you want to try this and never have had W10 before - you can download current releases W10 from UUPDUMP of course.

running this build currently :

Screenshot 2022-07-01 075935.png

Marking problem as solved (at least in my case)


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