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Hi All,

I have a company's laptop, with Win 11, using MS Azure; Bitlocker enabled. I'd like to install a 2nd Win 11 to another SSD, for my personal stuff.
I planned to use the Laptops boot manager (F12 in my case at boot), to select which SSD it should boot from. Any time, I'm selecting my Personal SSD, a Bitlocker key is asked, after I enter the key, my Personal Win 11 starts. Any way to avoid manually entering the Bitlocker key? I cannot write USB devices from my Company Win 11 (but I can read those). I used the following way to install my personal Win 11: install was created on a USB drive (using a another PC). I've removed my Company SSD from the Laptop's Slot 1. Installed my personal SSD in Slot 2. Installed Personal Win 11. Added back company SSD to Slot 1. Now the company Win 11 starts / restarts without any problem - it also encrypted my Personal SSD, firs time it recognized. Then the above mentioned problem exists: any time, I choose my Personal SSD boot during BIOS load (using Laptop's BIOS in method): the Bitlocker key needs to be entered manually, but only for my personal SSD.
Is there any way to avoid thise? I'd like method to choose between the 2 Win 11, without to enter Bitlocker key.
Any suggestion? I can reinstall both my company or personal win 11, as needed.

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