Windows 11 21H2 (user profile moved to another partition) upgrade to 22H2 problem


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Windows 11
Clean installed Windows 11 21H2 (during installation users folder is created on another partition using answer xml file), had no problem with updates till now (I've been using this method on windows 10 and before, never had any troubles)

Using either Windows Update or separately downloaded / mounted Win11 22H2 iso, it ends the same:

First part of the update goes without problems, upon reboot update fails and rollbacks to previous 21H2. Only error that I've been able to find is

Error: SetupDiag reports rollback failure found.
Last Phase = Safe OS
Last Operation = Relocate OS from E:\$WINDOWS.~BT\NewOS to E:\
Error = 0x80070002-0x2000A
LogEntry: 2022-12-04 15:51:01, Error                 SP         CRelocateOS: Cannot create \\?\GLOBALROOT\Windows.old. Error: 0x80070002[gle=0x00000002]

Any ideas?
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21H1, build 22000.1281

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