Windows 11 Optimization and Performance Improvements

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The Windows 11 team gives an exclusive look at the Windows 11 performance optimizations, improvements to the Windows servicing model and orchestration engine, as well as policy management and the rationale behind Windows 11 system requirements. Steve Dispensa, VP of Enterprise Management at Microsoft, joins host Jeremy Chapman to take you under the hood of Windows 11.


This is the first Windows conceived for Zero Trust and a hybrid work world. For users, we’ve removed distractions as you work to make it easier for you to focus with the new modern interface and refined aesthetics. For IT, we’ve made incremental improvements that are designed to fit like a glove in your existing management tools and processes.
  • Save time- Choose which screens you want to focus on most with the new Snap Assist feature.
  • Save resources- Configure new sleeping tabs to go dark after inactivity.
  • Resume your PC from sleep instantly. RAM stays energized and other process threads run faster.
  • MEM policies for Windows 10 also apply to Windows 11.
  • Feature updates are delivered once per year; Enterprise and Education is supported for 36-months.

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