Linux Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 0.67.6 released

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  • Add official support for systemd! For more information, see our blog post here: Systemd support is now available in WSL!
  • Fix issue where X11 display might be running on the wrong channel
  • Add retry around network endpoint creation to avoid temporary issues.
  • Fix potential ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND errors when creating directories.
  • Add a specialized error message if the distro VHDX can't be mounted
  • Implement wsl.exe --update --web-download to allow updates directly from GitHub
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.44
    • WSLg: Update WSLDVCPlugin to create shortcuts to packaged wslg.exe
    • WSLg: Update WSLGd to use the msrdc execution alias
    • WSLg: enable x server fonts installed at user distro
    • Weston: rdp backend: fix applist is not working regression
    • Weston: rdp shell: applist: verify file and directory explicitly
    • Weston: rdp shell: locate icon for taskbar using window class name
    • Weston: rdp shell: fix missing free
    • Weston: rdp shell: preblend default icon image with default overlay image
    • rdp shell: default window pos must be adjusted by window geometry
    • xwayland: fix window maximizing
    • xwayland: fix maximized window decoration
  • Update Microsoft.WSL.Kernel to version
    • Update to stable kernel version v5.15.62
    • Re-enable the CONFIG_CEPH* flags
    • Enable EROFS configs
    • configs/wsl topic branch picked up (not currently in use)
    • dxgkrnl driver branch refreshed with many fixes and upstream feedback revisions
    • Hyper-V vPCI merge conflicts fixed for newer stable kernel releases
    • Out-of-tree Hyper-V vPCI regression fix merged while waiting for upstream inclusion
    • Addressed vulnerability assigned to CVE-2022-38014 in this release.


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