Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 1.1.5 released

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  • Implement custom kernel support for ARM64 (solves #4802)
  • Implement user warnings
  • Revert wsl2.pageReportingOrder to default (2MB). This change was causing freezes on older Windows builds that are missing a bugfix. This will be re-enabled once the fix has been backported.
  • Terminate distro when WslConfigureDistribution changes default UID or flags
  • Do not mount cgroup v1 for WSL2
  • Ensure that the hostname is set in the root namespace
  • Use current timestamp instead of UNIX zero for initramfs (solves #9638)
  • Use a string insert for --release-notes do it doesn't get accidentally localized
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.50
    • WSLg: update Mariner to 2.0.20230107
    • WSLg: samples/container: Add vGPU video acceleration docker sample
    • rdp backend/rdp shell: sync window state with RDP client
    • rdp backend/rdp shell: send window minmax info when window become visible
    • rdp shell: fix window unsnap by keyboard shortcut and mouse drag
    • rdp backend: East Asian keyboard fixes
    • rdp shell: publish flatpak applications to start menu


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