WSL and email client (Evolution on Debian)


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Hi folks
for people using WSL and want an email client that's comparable with OUTLOOK -- try Evolution on Debian -- works brilliantly and you can set it up manually without going round in endless loops with "automatic configuration " when you need different servers / passwords etc for inbound and outbound. Also if you have Outlook and you swich back to Windows you don't lose the emails !!! as you can with some Linux email clients.

I really like WSL -- especially in full screen mode -- WSL2 and W10 / W11 it's really snappy now -- I might give up HYPER-V and VMWare completely for running VM's. The only drawback I can see isthat it's difficut to run 2 concurrent versions of the same distro (often want to add different applications etc to test) but I'm sure wit some sort of renaming that's OK. On a decent machine currently WSL2 with Debian 11 it flies --much faster than VMware or Hyper-V. Mind you not for the faint hearted --took me AGES to get it working Take plenty of backups too whil messing around.


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